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Antenna CB Pirat

The uniqueness of the antenna is to solve design combines performance (comparable to the strongest antennas on the market), low noise and functionality (small size), which was previously unheard of in this category antennas.

Small base antenna with a diameter of 8cm has a super strong neodymium magnet, which guarantees the antenna in place at really high speeds up to 220 km/h (tested experimentally). The ability to stick to the base of the roof is comparable to the base with a diameter of 14-16cm. A further advantage is that the original alignment of the antenna, it operates stably at different locations on the surface of the car body. Steel spring is not deformed and if caught up on branches or other obstacles to absorb shocks. Tuning is done using the screw at the top of the antenna (note tune with the cap and then counter nut).

Frequency 27 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Polarisation vertical
Gain 0 dB
Band CB
VSWR <1.5
Power max 50 Watt
Color black, chrome
Lenght OK. 630 mm
Weight OK. 0,400 kg
Cable 5m, RG58

price:0,00 PLN